US Based Rich Beautiful Laura Is In Need of A Sugar Boy

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386 Responses

  1. almas says:

    am tought masculine medium built young male aged 28yrs never satisfied with sex, I need u to cool me down

  2. yibeltal says:

    have you ever tried handsome guy
    from ethiopia like me before if you did am
    sure you can’t get enough of him but if
    you didn’t tried am saying to you why
    don’t you give it a shot and since i am
    from addis ababa am gonna give you
    the best fantasy you ever had i pleases
    you in ever way you want me .by the
    way am 26 wieght like 202lb and 5’11”
    tall i have athletic physical also like to
    exercise .
    all you have to do is contact me in my you
    won’t regeret it +251912973146

  3. Good day Lovely Lauretta! im Joseph I love you be my Queen, my sugar cane. i’m good in bed, good behaviour, gentleman, goodheadsome, care and head of the family. call / whatsapp 264814572028.

  4. sofu says:

    ሀይ ስላም ነው

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