Phone Numbers of Rich Sugar Mummies In Kenya 2016 and 2017

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  1. shawn says:

    am ready Shawn Uganda +256755444449

  2. brady ken says:

    am ready here to give you all of the type of love you need with no regret and completely to satisfy you in bed till maximum have my contact info:+254704533327 all the pleasures you need and never let you bored only joy and happines to you be the basic thing and never to betray my serious love with you just honesty is my policy when am with you

  3. collins says:

    i need of them i’ll everything she wants

  4. stone paul says:

    If I wanted to seduce you, I could list a whole bunch of reasons that make me like you… I could say, for example, that I would adore accompanied by such an elegant, feminine and perfumed woman as you!I thought it was really nice of you to have given me your e-mail so that I could send you a little message. Besides, you are nothing but nice..If I were your boyfriend I would be very happy and proud to have someone as special as you by my side; and I think you would also be happy to have someone as devoted as me to `pamper` you and give you presents on the 14th of February… +233576613779

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