Ethiopian Sugar Mummies and Their Contact Phone Numbers and Email


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  1. Amdy says:


  2. silas says:

    a will make sure that to love you forever please hook me up

  3. Gerald majella says:

    I like to get one and this is my number 0778545803/ 0756754862

  4. Thomas says:

    hi ,I want asugarmummy if u are the am here 4 u

  5. Riah says:

    My inspiration blow my eyes n heart way,please would be pleased to share my whasnumber number +265880606686 ….email,

  6. moses says:

    I am Moses 29 years of age lives in south Africa..
    about me I am both not hard or simple person..and
    I don’t feel insecure about my appearance and style I don’t get easily baffled by anyones words or actions
    I don’t let my ego get the best of me or act on impulse
    so i have the ability to keep ma ego under check and actually think things through before doing something..
    and no I don’t hold grudges,

    will make reservations in advance,
    I will sit my friends down and talk them out of doing something stupid even if it means that they will get mad at me, put maself in danger to protect my loved ones or sacrifice my comfort to ensure their happiness doesn’t mean that i always know exactly what to do or have the ability to handle any situation, but I l always try to do the best of my ability to ensure a favorable outcome, so I don’t set unrealistic goals..

    I don’t distance myself from my family cos
    As the years go by and we mature, keeping strong family ties becomes more apparent. There are some instances where it is not possible for a family to stay close, but most of us can afford to spend a bit more time with our parents, relatives, wife, and kids. Quality family time strengthens bonds and so i see my self as being part of a larger codependent group.

    Most people’s say I am quite buh every time I try to talk they be like Mo shut up..

    m just patient enough to dedicate myself to slowly making progress in the long run understanding that the ultimate goal isn’t attaining quick results, but sustainable results on what ever it is that I set as goal…

    My contacts are as follows phone numbers 0738296411 –

  7. abebayehu says:

    i am still waiting my super sugar mommy.

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